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Orbit Studios Web Redesign

Before you berate us for our tongue-in-cheek space references, please remember we’ve never claimed to be stellar copywriters. Thankfully that didn’t stop us from redesigning the Orbit Studios Web site with a mid-century modern twist (maybe some eastern block sprinkled in for fun). With new photo gallery sections of each studio, transient shooters and art directors alike won’t be seeing this Web-shuttle being retired anytime soon. Oh snap!

Studio photos by Bob McNamara. Full site available at

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Olympic Granola Web Store

Popular Content established Olympic Granola as a relevant player in the natural foods and energy bar market by starting from the ground up. From branding and identity work, to PR and media kits, to packaging design and POP devices, to a search engine optimized Web site and E-commerce store (the list could go on), Popular Content had a hand in nearly every advertising, marketing and PR function of this once unheard of granola bar maker.

Popular Content developed site has since been retired. Corporate name has since changed to ‘Olmypia’ due to naming conflicts with the US Olympic Committee.

Olympic Granola Web Store

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Identity: Logo Design

15+ years of identity design and brand building (some dating from before Popular Content’s inception – the early days you might say). These are just a few of our favorites.

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